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Our group is an incredible collection of amazing people, striving to build a supportive business inspiring environment.

The Inspire networking group is a long-established collective of like-minded business networking individuals that come together to provide business referrals, support, advice, and guidance in order to help each other grow our businesses. 

We are a widely diverse group from all backgrounds, nationalities, and specifically, industries. We meet weekly to gain Trust amongst the members, share our week over a coffee, and have breakfast.

If you are looking for support with your business, then contact us. Arrange a visit and see how we can help you Give. Grow. Gain.

Inspire Networking Group Story, 2023


Our members are from many different countries around the world, Join Us


The referrals we pass are from each members individual networks

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Business Given

Each individual member reports there sales from the referrals given.

Our Awesome Members

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Frequently Asked Questions

Sure you can, in fact, it’s one thing we insist upon before you join. We want you to first see what we are about, what we do in our meetings, and how we help each other. 

We have a strict rule here of two visits for each guest, per 6 months. We feel that two visits are an ample amount of time to see if you like it or not. We are all about commitment at Inspire.

No, we are strictly a ‘One Profession’ networking group, this is our most ferment rule. We want you to succeed in a competition-free zone. We do have members that offer the same services, however, they have agreed to split the services between them.

For e.g. we have two insurance agents, they have agreed for one to sell corporate insurance and the other personal insurance services.

Our networking group is a not-for-profit organisation. Therefore we actually don’t look to make any money with our fees.

The Annual fees are used during the year for our events and members attend these for free.

The Breakfast fee is paid to the hotel after each meeting for the member’s breakfasts.

Any guests that do attend our events are charged a fee to cover the cost of the event they attended.

Current fee structure

  1. Joining Fee – 10,000 THB for 1yr membership
  2. Renewal Fee – 5,000 THB (after 1yrs membership)
  3. Breakfast fee (paid monthly) – 2,500 THB per month.
  4. Events for members and partners, free 

Fill in the form below and lets get started. We meet every friday morning (apart from official holidays) at 06:30am. Currently at the Movernpick Sukhumvit Soi 15. Join us, have coffee, discuss your week and let’s see if we can help you GIVE.GROW.GAIN.

Oh, and yeah… have breakfast too! 

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