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Just like the peacock, we are a group of individuals, trying to put our own businesses in the spotlight to attract customers. But, we work as a team to help and support each other succeed. 


As a entrepreneur have you ever felt lonely, needing advice about business and how things work in Bangkok? Inspire is Bangkok’s leading business referral, and networking organization. Our membership includes international & local businesses that represent a variety of markets and a multitude of people from around the world. Our organisation currently has members from 17 different countries, bonding together for support and friendship.

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Inspire meets, every Friday morning, to provide top-notch business education to its membership. We provide fantastic in-house business education classes in order to help each other grow their businesses. Ultimately, we all try and help our members gain business techniques, which increase the number of referrals that are passed between our members, eventually leading to increased revenue, for us all.


In 2020 alone, despite the COVID19 virus hampering and stopping most business activities around the world. Inspire members still generated 29.1 million Baht in revenue, for each other’s businesses. Our success, last year, has carried over to 2021, already generating almost 4 million Baht in revenue, amongst membership. And this is growing as our membership grows. You dont want to miss out on this. 


It’s very simple, each member gets the opportunity to educate their fellow members, in a 60 sec Elevator pitch every week. As well as face to face meetings and business presentations. We educate each other, so we can pass sales referrals, which results in increased membership sales revenue. This is the basis of Inspire’s legitimacy, continued success, longevity, and status amongst the business community in Bangkok. Join Us


Inspire’s passing of business referrals is based on The Law of Reciprocity. Or, in a nutshell, if your business earns revenue for my business, my business will have the urge to earn your business revenue. Usually, more revenue than your business earned for mine.


Frequently Asked Questions

Sure you can, in fact, it’s one thing we insist upon before you join. We want you to first see what we are about, what we do in our meetings, and how we help each other. 

We have a strict rule here of two visits for each guest, per 6 months. We feel that two visits are an ample amount of time to see if you like it or not. We are all about commitment at Inspire.

No, we are strictly a ‘One Profession’ networking group, this is our most ferment rule. We want you to succeed in a competition-free zone. We do have members that offer the same services, however, they have agreed not to split the services between them. For e.g. we have two digital marketers, they have agreed for one to sell SEO services and the other to sell Social Media Services.

Our networking group is a not-for-profit organisation. Therefore we actually don’t look to make any money with our fees.

The Annual fees are used during the year for our events and members attend these for free.

The Breakfast fee is paid to the hotel after each meeting for the member’s breakfasts.

Any guests that do attend our events are charged a fee to cover the cost of the event they attended.

Current fee structure

  1. Joining Fee – 10,000 THB for 1yr membership
  2. Renewal Fee – 5,000 THB (after 1yrs membership)
  3. Breakfast fee (paid monthly) – 2,500 THB per month.
  4. Events for members free 

Fill in the form below and lets get started. We meet every friday morning (apart from official holidays) at 06:30am. Join us, have coffee, discuss your week and let’s see if we can help you GIVE.GROW.GAIN.

Oh, and yeah… have breakfast too!

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