Business Open Day – 10th June 2022

Business Open Day - 10th June 2022 - Inspire Networking
Friday, June 10th 2022 – Inspire Thailand members and visitors

On Friday June 10, Inspire Thailand hosted its Business Open Day (BOD). The idea behind this and our networking group as a whole is to provide local business owners a place they can get together and create a trusting and supportive business atmospher.

As a entrepreneur have you may require business advice or help, certainly about how things work in Bangkok. That is what inspire is here to help you with. Inspire is Bangkok’s leading business referral, and networking organization.

Our membership includes international & local businesses that represent a variety of markets and a multitude of people from around the world. Our organisation currently has members from 17 different countries, bonding together for support and friendship.

We had over 50 members and visitors, and it was definitely a huge success! Lots of quality business networking happened and even some new friendships were formed! 

Business Open Day Attendees

We want to thank our 30 visitors from diverse job industries for attending and being active participants! Starting from 7am shows dedication and commitment!
Some of our guests included:

Alexandre Lorent (Bangkok Pillars Business Networking Events)
Vidushi Singh (Plethora IT Co., Ltd.)
Pring Chindahporn (Sucette)
Shalini Joshi Yamdagni (EFT Thailand)
Saranrath (Amy) Raksasath (Pacific City Club)
Christine BLOM (Nomad Walls)
Greg Bronovich (Greg Bronovich)
David Ravenscroft (Ultimate Entrepreneur)
Diane de Saint Chamaran (Wasabih – Business Community for the Halal Economy)
Natalie Lorence (Fame Lights Co., Ltd.)

Richard Skinner (PointStar Consulting)
Varin Sach (Nachman Corp)
Aurelie Doye (SUPERNAP (Thailand)
Dr. Donna Maria Robinson (MedConsult Clinic)
Shveta Kukreja, PMP (New Era Consulting)
Pacharee Pantoomano (
Kelly Rattanee She/Her (The Power of a Women’s Pleasure)
Claire Souchet (LR Paris)
Sara Sirisachadecha (23 Events)

As well, we would like to show gratitude to our Business Open Day leadership team for all their hard work and support in organizing this amazing annual event!

Suchitra ( Rimi) Siriamornsarp for creating and delegating all relevant tasks and procedures, as well as being lead visitor host.

Jack Nathan for facilitating the Business Open Day with kindness and authenticity.
-Satima Mendez for on-site registrations and greeting visitors, managing finances and helping manage name tags.

Pankaj Sawhney for organizing the venue, buffet breakfast, and lucky draw.
-Power duo Marc Deschamps & Mathias Reindl for creating and running the eye contact networking icebreaker session.

Christopher Lampert for writing the Business Open Day formal email invite, managing name tags and helping with on-site registrations and greeting visitors.

Ingmar Heid for following up with the visitors after the Business Open Day

Amy Diener for being the marketing leader, creating all the flyers, social media posts, and google registration form.

All the guests seemed to enjoy the morning of great networking. Getting to know each others businesses and making connections that, we hope will forge in to actual business and friendships. We heard some comments that this year was their favorite BOD yet – that the energy and vibe was really positive! We thank you very much for your feedback and joining us in making this event a big win!

As with a lot of inspire’s business and social networking events we take a lot of pictures. Don’t blame us, blame the advent of social media. However, we hope you love the pictures! All credit for these pictures goes to the wonderfull Ian Disayadej @ian_photozero_thozero_th on Instagram for the pics – you really captured the essence of Inspire: Give, Gain, Grow! 

Inspire networking group hold many events through the year, not just BOD’s but also wonderful social events. Should you wish to speak with us about becoming a member and enjoying such networking events (for free by the way) then use the contact form at the bottom of the page, or just press contact us. We would love to host you,