Merry Christmas Networking, Everyone!

Christmas is a time for family, a time to get together, drink, eat, sing, give gifts and try to be as merry as possible. When the Christmas networking party was announced and we found out who was going to be organising it, the iNSPIRE family just knew it was going to be good. However, that turned out to be the understatement, possibly of the year so far.

Coming down the steps from the BTS at Bangkok’s Asoke Station and seeing the well lit sign of our hosts, The Indulge Restaurant, we already knew it was going to be good. Greeted by the entrance Christmas decor, tastefully adorned with glittering fairy lights, we were welcomed warmly by such wonderful staff. It was remarked upon many times that the Indulge staff were certainly wonderful hosts. It just seemed they could not do enough for us, throughout the evening. Which was certainly appreciated by all of the iNSPIRE members and guests.

Missed Guests

As with most get togethers, be it family, work or friends’ events, there are always some very noticeable absences, that we wished could of joined us this time, but sadly, were unable to. Karin, Rimi, Amy, Jos, Robert and Leon you were all missed. Let’s hope you can join us next time for Christmas Networking.

However, I am sorry to tell you guys, you missed a corker!

Mingling and Jingling

As all the guests arrived, we mingled and jingled through pre-dinner drinks, introducing wives, husbands, partners and Sons. The inspire crowd were producing an atmosphere of joyful happiness, as only friends in each others company can do. With plenty of wine, beer and prosecco on offer, you could say the Christmas Networking spirit was building nicely. The secret Santa table was almost to capacity, and so, no further ado was given and we were invited to take our seats for the pre-ordered, delicious sit-down meal.

From starter to sweet, the inspire members and guests were treated to a culinary delight of flavours. I could sit and describe every delicious bite (especially the duck green curry) but I won’t do that. I do not have the litanary skills for such an endeavour. Instead, I think a wonderful gallery of pictures will do that for us, so much better than my humble musings.

Plus, I encourage you, dear reader, to go and taste for yourself this incredible fare, you won’t be disappointed, I can promise you that. However, I will make one small remark… that has to be the best damn tiramisu I have ever tasted!

Secret Santa, Yeah!

Of course, the awesome highlight of any Christmas Networking party is gift giving and our party was certainly no exception. Que our very own cheeky Ms. secret Santa herself ‘Madame Rouge‘. Jade was on hand to gift give, entertain and be as Christmassy as an elf on a shelf.

However, its at this point I do need to acknowledge what an amazing job Jade has done with our events over this past year. Culminating in this wonderful Christmas Networking party. If I heard it once I heard it 1000 times, “That just had to be the best Christmas Party iNSPIRE (in my time anyway) has had.” From start to finish, the venue, atmosphere, drink, food and certainly the entertainment was spot on. Thank You!

With Food eaten, drink quaffed and gifts given, opened and thank you’s made. It was time for our President to say a few words, welcome new members and say his thank you’s to his team. Jack will be carrying on for a 2nd term, so here is hoping for another great six months ahead.

But now it was time… The Entertainment had arrived!

A Winter Wonderland Of Burlesque

Let’s just start this by acknowledging, this incredible entertainment was somewhat hotly anticipated. Not just during the dinner, I might add. But, the chatter amongst members had been building with anticipation and excitement, for at least two weeks prior .

FACT; it did not disappoint! Far from it. Madame Rouge provided two of her most wonderful dancers to perform, what can only be described as, a ‘Winter Wonderland of Burlesque‘ for the excited iNSPIRE Members and Guests.

Both of these amazing (and I will dare to say, beautiful) ladies were masterful in their chosen craft and art of burlesque. I know one guest in particular, who seemed to enjoy himself immensely (No Names given, Clarke Kent!). Three amazing routines, each time better than the last. Without a doubt, it rounded off the evening perfectly.

I would like to say that, as it was Monday Evening and we are all responsible business owners, that we called it a night at this point and went home, relatively sober. I would like to say that, my head the next day, certainly would of loved to of said that.

Merry Christmas Networking iNSPIRE Family and I hope you have a prosperous 2022

Should you wish to speak with us about becoming a member and enjoying such Christmas networking events (for free by the way) then use the contact form at the bottom of the page, or just press contact us.