Learn To Cook Paella At Jamon Jamon Bangkok

On the 23rd of March 2021 the iNSPIRE members were provided the chance to feel and experience a real Spanish vibe in the authentic environment of a small Spanish village theme restaurant, Jamon Jamon on Bangkok's Sukhumvit Soi 20.

On the 23rd of March 2021, the iNSPIRE members were provided the chance to feel and experience a real Spanish vibe in the authentic environment of a small Spanish village theme restaurant, Taberna Jamon Jamon on Bangkok’s Sukhumvit Soi 20. The majority of the members and their partners were in attendance, along with a few, very welcome guests. Whom, to a man, quickly saw the potential in our group and will be joining within the next few weeks.

CoVid-19 Quarantine!

Of course, it’s always a sad occasion if any of our members are unable to make any of the iNSPIRE events. Unfortunately, due to the current CoVid-19 situation, one of our members Mr. Kris Withouck was unable to join us as he was stuck in quarantine having just returned to Bangkok from Belgium. However, Kris did join us in spirit as the food we were about to enjoy was transported over to him, at his quarantine hotel. From the look of the pictures, he seemed extremely happy with his special meal!

Jamon Jamon Bangkok

The evening started wonderfully with light Spanish beer and conversation as we basked in the late afternoon sunshine, enjoyed thoroughly by the iNSPIRE Members. We had all become nicely lubricated with alcohol by the time the best Tappas in Bangkok was produced, along with wonderful cold-cut meats, and a selection of scrumptious Spanish specialties were brought out to feast upon. All of which was perfectly paired together with some amazing Rioja red wine on the expert suggestion of Jamon Jamon Owner Miguel. However, the taste buds were not done with just yet, as the main course was just getting started outside. The group hurried to a large area, in which stood a gas cooking set-up and a large paella pot. The pot was heated, the ingredients added and the aroma of Spain filled the air. The Chef and Miguel each explained every ingredient with passion and gusto, in the way a real expert in Paella cooking can do. The group was mesmerized as they took part in what could only be described as a masterclass in Paella making, of epic proportions.

Awesome Jamon Jamon, Bangkok #1 Networking Group

Paella Tasting

At long last, the time had come for the Paella tasting, which was as good as the evening itself. The taste quickly transported me back to my family holidays in Marbella, Spain, where we spent many a wonderful summer. The Paella was perfectly cooked, with succulent meat and fish, with every ingredient described coming into subtle focus with each bite. As Miguel explained “Of course, paella isn’t always about perfection. It’s also a relaxed party food in Spain. Most Spanish families will have a designated paella chef for occasions such as communions, birthdays, and anniversaries. It’s a convenient party dish in the summer because the cook can have the ingredients pre-chopped and some of it pre-cooked that morning or the night before, and it can be all pulled together over a glass of wine or beer in the garden.” In this instance, it was safe to say that both paella perfection and a wonderfully relaxed party atmosphere cords, were struck with aplomb.

iNSPIRE Prize Draw

The evening ended as it always does with iNSPIRE, in a prize draw. This time the gifts were donated by Antonio of Relevant Audience (bottle of Rioja Red), Mr. Uday of Ocean Glass, and Mr. Alberto of Aschei International, who both supplied some beautiful fine crystal red wine glasses. The first prize of 2 crystal glasses and the red wine was won by Mr. Jos Bosmans of BMS Recruitment, and the second prize of 2 crystal glasses, was won by Ms. Karin Lohitnavy of Midas PR. Both the lucky winners seemed extremely happy with the prizes, Jos venturing to say “I really wanted the red wine, the glasses are a real bonus!”

As the night drew to a close, after a little more conversation, just a few more beers, and a couple of red wines, the opportunity was given to thank Mr. Miguel for organising such an amazing event for the iNSPIRE members, families and guests. It truly was a fantástico evening, had by all.

iNSPIRE, Jamon Jamon Gallery!

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