Sunday Brunch Networking At Bacco Beach Italian Restaurant Pattaya

Bacco Beach Relaxing Sunday Brunch Italian Restaurant

Sunday Brunch Networking. The 21st of Feb 2021, the iNSPIRE Family had a fun outing in Pattaya! The event This time took place at the very famous and popular Bacco Beach Restaurant & Wine Bar in Pattaya, where all our members and family enjoyed a superb relaxing Italian Sunday brunch. The vast majority of the Bangkok iNSPIRE members were in attendance as we gathered, said hello, and discussed the traffic from Bangkok.

Sunday Brunch Networking at Baco Beach 2021

Quality Italian Food

Of course, the day started off as most of the iNSPIRE events do… with alcohol, this time sangria! However, soon enough we all got to sit down at our table, and with over 35 inspire members and families in attendance, it became a very long table, but the conversation, as with any family, was lively enough. The team at Bacco beach was amazing with all the guests and the whole event was very well organised. As the fantastic Italian food started to come out, the taste buds were rocked to and fro, from the selection that was provided. From Pizza and pasta to gorgeous Italian sausage and salad, and most everything in-between. The inspirational Italian delicatessens offerings were without doubt delectable. Serving up a wonderful treat of the President, Mr. Alberto of Aschei International’s homeland.

The alcohol and food flowed very nicely, as did the conversation between inspire members, friends, families, and guests. All complemented by a magnificent backdrop of the Gulf of Thailand, deep blue sea, and green palm trees. As jet skis and Banana Boats were eyed playing in the surf, our president Mr. Alberto Ferraris had organised a game of ‘guess the member’. A sort of charades, but you had to mimic the members’ business, the quickest one to guess was the winner of the game and walked away with the prizes.

Sunday Brunch Networking Bacco Beach Games

Mr. Steve Harrop of GPS Accounting and Mr. Alessio Carta of Formal Design won the gifts at the sunday brunch networking. This time the gifts were sponsored by Mr. Alberto of Aschei International Co., Ltd and Mr. Leon Wu of Departure Thailand. The philosophy of iNSPIRE is one of building strong personal bonds between members. We believe this is a solid base for sound business relationships and to help us all build our businesses together. We are about working together to find good business within the wider business community, not just amongst each other. This is why we build long-lasting trusting relationships with such events.

The event ended as these things tend to, with everyone needing to get back to Bangkok, as the next day was a working day. With designated drivers already been organised, there was enough room for one last Gelato, to round off the Italian experience. As the iNSPIRE family waved its goodbyes, said their “see ya laters” and bid fond farewell kisses, we all agreed that we had a fantastic time and the event was very well organized by the events team and Bacco Beach. We all look forward to our next event. Which, just so happens to be the Spanish night at Jamon Jamon, and learning to cook Paella.

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If Sunday Brunch Networking or others, like this event is something you feel you would enjoy, and you like the idea of attending events like this for free, get in contact with us here at inspire and we can invite you to our weekly meeting. We meet every Friday at 06:30 am at the Novotel Sukhumvit Soi 20. We provide Awesome networking, Great Coffee, and a nice breakfast, so you have no reason to say no. If all else fails, at least you won’t be late for work that day!

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